Download AVG PC TuneUp 2014 +crack

Download AVG PC TuneUp 2014 +crack

Download AVG PC TuneUp 2014 +crack,serial keys,patch
* Improved cleaning definitions:
- cleaning unnecessary files from iTunes and Windows Metro applications
* Duplicate Finder:

- scanning the hard drive for duplicate files
- results sorted by categories: Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, Archives, Others
- further sorting of the results according to various parameters (e.g. file size, name, count of duplicates)
- deleting the selected duplicate files
* Flight Mode:
- disabling WiFi and Bluetooth connections via simple switch to save the battery time
* User Interface:
- simplified layout
- modern design


* User Interface: Minor flaws in user interface design.
* Flight Mode: Does not work (does not turn off/on WiFi and Bluetooth) on Windows XP.
* Duplicate Finder: Missing result dialog after successful deletion of duplicates.
* Duplicate Finder: Duplicates are removed (withou moving into Recycle Bin) when Recycle Bin is disabled in Windows.

Install Notes

Step 1: Run the setup
Step 2: When Finish Installation, Close Program TOTALY
Step 3: Now Run Activator
Step 4: Then Run Program
Step 5: Enjoy ...
step 6: Do not update.


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